Art Alley/Mural Masters

Alley between 152nd and 153rd SW


This year Mural Masters is teaming up with Arts-A-Glow in Burien to create live murals that will incorporate a glow in the dark element and bring art back to the streets of Burien. These murals will span 2 blocks in the alley behind Bison Creek Pizza to Burien Press. We will have a team of muralists from the Pacific Northwest showcasing their skill on various walls. The Mural Masters event is hosted by Sam Sneke. This event is supported by John White and Shelli Park and the City of Burien.

Suzanne Tidwell

Artificial Light – 2021

Dottie Harper Park (421 SW 146th), August-September 2021

Artificial Light began in 2011 as a summer ArtsParks project in Seattle’s Occidental Square with the hope of turning an underutilized downtown Seattle Park into a lively, safe and welcoming public space for all. Residents, tourists, shoppers, art patrons, sports enthusiasts, and casual passersby were drawn in by the unexpected color, playful stripes, and whimsical scenery. It took over a month to install and Artificial Light was only up for a month, but this temporary installation made quite an impact on the city. Each tree sweater was knit by the artist and contains a thousand rows of knitting. They are hand sewn in place by the artist and a team of helpers.

After a few months, the project was installed again at City Hall Park in Seattle, then later moved to Anderson Park in Redmond where it was expanded to cover 50 trees. This installation of what came to be known “the tree sweaters” and was timed to coincide with International Yarn Bombing Day – a day celebrated by subversive knitters every- where.
Back in 2011, the artist’s intention in creating Artificial Light was to replicate sunshine, even if the weather would not cooperate. Seattle had suffered from an interminably wet winter, followed by a particularly soggy spring, with one of the lowest ratios of sunny days in recent history. Now, ten years later it is hoped that Artificial Light’s reinstal- lation at Dottie Harper Park to celebrate Arts-A-Glow will bring us outdoors and into the light once again following 18 months of lockdowns and COVID restrictions. While we are not quite back to normal yet, we can enjoy the fun and whimsy of bright color at a safe social distance.

Seattle Design Nerds

Bop Bags

Town Square Park (480 SW 152nd)


Inspired by fungi that sprout in the wet season, the Bop Bags burst forth in colorful bloom and are a reminder that our rainy season is still a vibrant one. Tap or “bop” on the surface of these gigantic cuddly lanterns and work together to create a symphony of illumination.


Christy Caravaglio

Lemon Stars

Annex Park (14549 4th Ave SW), September 2021 – 2022

Christy Caravaglio is a fiber artist living in Kent, WA. Her designs are inspired by traditional and contemporary quilt designs as well as an artistic sense of pattern and color. These are informed by her active practices in quilting and knitting as well as her previous career as a graphic and textile artist. Her geometric and colorful designs are meant to create little moments of surprise and joy in people’s everyday lives. The title for this installation, Lemon Stars, refers to the traditional quilt pattern, also known as the LeMoyne Star.


Marcell Marias

Energy Sculptures

6th & 152nd SW


The Solar, Wind, and Wave/Tidal power Light sculptures remind us of the natural energies that can be harnessed so we can fight the climate emergency, and reimagine the way we power our lives. They are a kind of modern totem for eco-conscious living; made out of repurposed metal from Boeing Surplus, illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs which shine through Shoji paper patterns, and having intriguing video looping in the center.



From One Dimension to Another

630 SW 3rd

A mysterious glowing object appeared in downtown Burien. Scientists believe it to be from another dimension, but are unsure if it is paranormal or extraterrestrial.


Dave Sederberg


Town Square Park (480 SW 152nd)


Glowhenge is a collaborative art installation born during the 2020 winter of the pandemic. Loosely inspired by the mysterious appearance of monoliths in Utah, Romania, California, and New Mexico, creator Dave Sederberg gathered a group of artist friends to create an environment for strolling and appreciating art for art’s sake. Glowing with neon colors illuminated by unearthly blacklight, the installation was first set by Capital Lake in Olympia. People were relieved and happy with the occasion to safely gather to take in a much-needed artistic experience during the seemingly endless COVID winter. This will be only the fourth one-evening installation of this wildly popular piece since its inception.


The Now Device

Light Cage

816 SW 152nd

Something is happening inside: energies are being released. Lights, shapes and hints of images make a dynamic collage on the windows, responding to sounds, trying to get out.


Marcell Marias


6th & 152nd SW


Metaleyes carries on the same eco-ethos with more complex technology and imagery. Monitor-mapping, allows moving imagery to be mapped into negative spaces on a stainless steel cutout design, which uses the Golden Ratio as the design element. Imagery including flowers, the Earthrise photo from NASA, and abstract animations remind us of what matters: our natural world within our one and only Earth.


Laura   Williamson

Orbs of Luminosity

Town Square Park (480 SW 152nd)

Walk under floating luminous orbs made of felt and mixed media textile art. Divine Art Collective, a textile and mix media studio; is the artist’s second showing at the Arts-a- Glow Festival. Partner in creativity, Ron Doyon, Professional Model Maker/Industrial Designer, helper of putting up the installation.

Erik Muhs and Rob Angus

Solar Wind

6h & 152nd SW


Multiple projectors, a giant satellite dish, and an 8 channel ambient surround sound system immerse viewers on a tour of our neighborhood solar system.


Kathy Justin & Dane Johnson

The Shining Star

Highline Heritage Museum (819 SW 152nd)

The Shining Star installation will light up the large window at the Highline Historical Museum for Arts A Glow in 2021. Kathy Justin and Dane Johnson are installing a portion of the site lighting that was debuted at Arts A Glow 2019 in Dottie Harper Park. They have participated in the event since its beginning. The Shining Stars will glow for 3 months beginning in August 2021. Kathy and Dane will also feature a partial installation of their Murder of Crows piece.

Greg Bowman and Scott Keva James

The Wall

630 SW 153rd


The Wall is an interactive, playable sculpture, alive with light and powered by dynamic projection mapping. Visitors use hand gestures to create, move and control ‘waves’ of

color and texture horizontally along the wall. ‘Waves’ travel along The Wall, reflect off of the edges and visually collide.


Marcell Marias

 What Matters 

Highline Heritage Museum (819 SW 152nd)

What Matters will be an interactive video projection mapping experience taking place on the exterior walls of the Highline Heritage Museum. This piece will illuminate two sections of the building and will serve as a large outdoor experience for people walking on 152nd Ave. It will consist of two projectors, beaming visualizations which will be played interactively using various controllers. The intent of the piece will be to instill wonder and amazement in the hearts and minds of the Arts-A Glow attendees.