Out of This World:
The Planets

The Planets - Springfield
Early this year, TND teamed up with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Wittenberg University and the Stageworks theater group, to design, produce and perform a multi-media version of Holst’s The Planets. The show, which featured extensive imagery from Nasa and narration by Prof. Daniel A Fleisch, was sold out. Reviews continue to be strong.
The Planets - Springfield
THE NOW DEVICE specializes in making events unforgettable. We use visual media to transform stages, galleries, and landmarks into immersive environments. Our live performances and compositions deliver messages, add atmosphere and intensify experience.
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American Made:
The Art of Manufacturing

frauenthal theater
The Now Device revisited their unique, visual and auditory celebration of manufacturing in Muskegon’s beautiful and historic Frauenthal theater, accompanied by the West Michigan Symphony. more about American Made